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DREAM WALKER is an interdisciplinary creative artist group that creates new artistic experiences by bringing together emerging professionals from various nationalities and fields of practice. We believe the performing arts can create an extraordinary connection between artist and audience capable of making the world a better place. We dream a world where people, art, and technology are truly harmonized.

The group was originally formed by Jonghee Woo, the current representative/artistic director of DREAM WALKER, along with emerging artists from various fields of the Korean performance industry. Later, the group branched out into the United States through collaboration with American and international artists from various artistic fields. Today, the group has successfully presented shows both in Korea and in the United States over the past few years.

Jonghee Woo (aka. Johnny)
Director / Producer / Multimedia Designer / Writer
Experience Entrepreneur / Dreaming Realist / Realistic Dreamer
: Representative & Artistic Director of Dream Walker

Jonghee Woo is a director who delves deeply into the area of multimedia theater & new performance. He was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea and started his professional career as a director in Korea in 2011. Since then, he has accumulated his directorial ability in terms of creating & developing multimedia theater and new performance by working with various artists from all over the world. He is currently working in Los Angeles and hoping to work as an international director without being confined by national borders.

- MFA in Directing at California Institute of the  Arts
- BA in Film & Theater at Hanyang University

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James T. Majewski

James is a company member of DC-based Brave Spirits Theatre, where he performed Amintor (The Maid’s Tragedy), Mistress Quickly, Archbishop of York (Henry IV, parts 1&2), and Zenarchus, Lapyrus (The Bloody Banquet). James originated the role of The Art Object in the world-premiere production of Caridad Svich’s Magnificent Waste(Factory 449), and performed the titular role in DC NPR-affiliate WAMU’s radio adaptation of Romeo and Juliet (Lean and Hungry Theater). Select additional credits include Yanek in Albert Camus’ Les Justes, Ken Puss Puss in Richard Foreman’s Paradise Hotel (Washington Shakespeare Co), and roles in Hamlet, Macbeth, and Twelfth Night (VpStart Crow). He is currently pursuing his MFA in Acting at California Institute of the Arts.
Nick Hon
Performer / Composer
: Member of the band "Cabin'

Nick is a native to Southern California, who's varied musical and performative interests lead to explorations in both physical and sonic space. Nick's curiosity regarding experimentation with the passage of time, the occupation of space, and social-performance tropes is guided by a deep respect and acknowledgment of Black American music, other improvisational forums, social music, and reflections on grandeur in performance. His mix-matched musical experience yield performances where conventional lines have been selectively blurred and erased to offer new territory to explore, or at the very least, a unique frame through which to view familiar places. 

Victoria Roman
Dancer / Choreographer / Artist

Victoria Roman is a dancer and performance artist. She was born and raised in Mesa Arizona, where she developed a passion for movement. She has since participated in countless works and created many of her own pieces. She is in her third year at CalArts, and will be getting a Bachelors in fine arts.
Erik Dabrowski
Con Artist

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Sang Won Kim (David)
Scene Designer / Installation Artist / Space Designer / Party Planner / Photographer

David Kim is a young designer originally from South Korea. He is always interested to mix the two cultures, Korean and western cultures, and produce something that would draw people’s attention. He is interested in playing around with space of any sort. He started pursuing theater and immersive entertainment starting from 2013 back in South Korea. His design interest varies from theaters to exhibitions, concerts, clubs, parties and even outdoor spaces. Festival design has been his latest interest. He is currently studying in California Institute of the Arts as a Scene Design Major for his BFA.
Alan Perez
Dancer / Choreographer

Alan L. Perez was born in Lancaster, California and was raised in Tijuana, Mexico.He received his BFA in Dance at California Institute of the Arts (2016) and attended the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company International Dance Journey (2017). He performed the “Midnight Summer Dream” (2013) and the Nutcracker (2013 and 2014) for the Santa Clarita Ballet. He has also performed works of Andres Tyson’s “ The United of Andre”, Meryl Murman’s “Ways of Forgetting”, and “Lipstick” , WangYuanYuan “Poison” Lindsy Zapata "Year One", Pasadena Dance Theatre "Nutcracker" and Kira Blazek “5 Seasons”.He has also done commercial works such as Volleyball World Series (LA DanceFit Studio 2012), Pasadena City Commercial (2013) Amazon Christmas Commercial (2016) - Vanishing Angle Agency and Hoverboard Commercial (2016) FatHappy Agency
Ben Finley
Performer / Composer
: Member of the Band "Cabin"

Performer-Composer Ben Finley was raised on a music farm in Ontario, Canada and is now based in LA where he plays the bass, composes, and writes. He is interested in exploring improvisation and multi-stylistic compositional models for original ensembles. Ben is also interested in the lifetime pursuit of attuned bass playing which he explores in acoustic and electric environments through his primary instruments: the double bass and the electric bass tuned in 5ths and other alternate tunings with effects. For Ben, compositions and performances are an opportunity to create inclusive, peaceful and profound connections in public assemblies with the potential to transcend and synergize boundaries. Drawing from a wide reach of influences, perspectives and ways of music-making, Ben’s performer-composer practices feature disparate stylistic forms expressed through a variety of instrumentations and personalities.
Shawn Brown

Vintage Ngga

: Actor / Writer / Actor /Director

Shawn moved to NYC from Tampa Bay and later received his B.A. in Creative Writing. He moved to LA to pursue a M.F.A. in Acting at Calarts. He received his degree a year and a half ago. He is now building his debut universe called "LitL Brown" to be released in January of 2019.

Chris Williams
: Member of the Band "Cabin"


Cabin is a musical trio of adventurers named Chris Williams, Trumpet and FX, Nick Hon, Percussion and Contact Mics and Ben Finley, Bass and FX. This co-composed co-lead ensemble calls glacial solitude, bombastic contemplation and canopied forest pathways. Meeting at CalArts, they bonded over building sound worlds derived from minimal and specific materials. While still in their first trimester as a group, they are interested in extramusical collaborations and place conscious performances; swift and unmasked.
Carissa Songhorian
Dancer / Choreographer

Carissa Songhorian, a BFA in Dance and Dance Composition graduate from California Institute of the Arts, began her training at Los Angeles Ballet Academy under the direction of Andrea Paris. Throughout her years as a dancer, she has performed in works by choreographers and artists such as Danielle Agami (Ate9 Dance Company), Troy Powell (Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater), Gustavo Ramirez Sansano, Julie Bour, Ryan Mason, Laurence Blake, and Kira Blazek amongst many others. Carissa has also appeared in several short dance films, a pilot for a television series, and a new movie that was produced by James Franco.
Chenhui Mao


Mao Chenhui (china) currently a dance major student at Calarts. She has a diverse body training background such as Taichi, Chinese folk dance, contemporary dance and Butoh. She performed with Japanese Butoh group " Sankai Juku" in Toyama, Japan in 2017.

Gabriel E. Jimenez Montes

Actor / Singer / Dancer /Producer

From Carolina, Puerto Rico, Gabriel is currently in his final year of training as an MFA Actor at the California Institute of the Arts. He possess a bachelor degree in Acting from the University of Puerto Rico 2015. At the present time, part of "El Acercamiento" an artistic collaboration that explores the futures possibilities between Cuba and USA, in addition to Dreamscape, he is also performing in "Lines or Broken Circles" a physical theater performance at CalArts. #hisgoalsandinterests

#performingallaroundtheworld #traveling #Dancing #Music #Drums #Acting

Conchi Senford

Artist / Curator

Davy Sumner

Musician / Installation Artist

Davy Sumner is an installation artist, experimental musician, percussionist, maker, and educator in Los Angeles, CA. His creative works are spawned out of noise, physics, biology, and society, often utilizing sound spatialization, feedback-based systems, auditory illusions, chaos, and original electronics as key elements. Davy specializes in imagining and fabricating custom technologies and homemade devices that become animated, unstable, and unpredictable when introduced to the physical world.